Nasioc rotella

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nasioc rotella

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Discussions: 7, Messages: ,Log in or Sign up. Finally, An oil mixture that helps with Piston Slap. Likes Received: 23 Trophy Points: Its not much of a "mixture", but it really worked on my car.

nasioc rotella

I have a MY02 Wrx wagon with ,93X miles. The mods are very close to stock, catless uppipe, sti catback, pnp'd td intercooler elbows-throttle body, the rest is suspension stuff. I have been getting piston slap during start up since I got out to california, almost a year ago now.

I had switched over to Mobil 1 5w30 before I moved, and had done several oil changes with it. I change my oil earlier than most, probably 2k Over the summer I had gone to 10w30 mobil one to cope with the intense heat here in the desert.

Will Synthetic Motor Oil Cause Engine Seal Leaks? Let's find out!

Anyways, I noticed that the mobil one wasnt providing good start up protection, could hear a rougher start, and had piston slap for seconds while the motor warmed up. The cooler the weather got, the worse it got.

I tried running pennzoil 10w30, for I'd say I checked around with the shops who build subaru motors here in california, and asked what oil they run in them to prevent piston slap. They all said 10w40 rotella T, or when not available, valvoline 10w40 hi mileage syn blend.

The reasons were simple, they both come in gallon jugs, they have compounds that are very good for the rod bearings we have, which arent exactly stellar where longevity is concerned, and it resists sheering very, very well.

Then I talked to Martin dynapar today, and he recommended using a Lucas oil treatment in conjunction with the oil I was swapping out. I went and got some from the shop, and then when looking at it, realized its the EXACT stuff the motor shops had talked so highly of.

Its very thick. Martin used the comment "like honey". I spilled a few drops on my oil fill nozzle, and an hour later it was still fighting gravity. So far the piston slap is nearly gone.

From startup, I get 3, maybe 4 taps before it completely subsides, vs thesometimes 30 seconds of noise. When I immediately begin driving it after start up, I used to get tapping at lower rpms, Those are now gone, even with a completely cold block. She feels like a brand new motor, and I blame a lot of this on the horrible spark plugs that I replaced along with the oil. I'm just throwing this info out there. More of a documentary of how foolish money can be spent, when 3 hours worth of sitting on my butt researching is the actual solution.

Likes Received: Trophy Points: VectorFeb 11, Likes Received: 73 Trophy Points: Bob is a plumber! ShibbsFeb 11, Likes Received: 2, Trophy Points: I've been preaching Rotella-T 5w40 for years now. Don't come in here and pretend this is something new. Maybe if you guys would listen instead of parroting the typical Mobil1 nonsense that gets tossed around by elitist asswipes, you'd have a slap free motor that runs smooth every mile of the between oil changes.

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Rating: 4. Product Description: Shell Rotella T6 5W Diesel Engine Oil is a full synthetic motor oil that features exclusive Triple Protection Plus technology, formulated with fully synthetic base oils plus advanced additives to protect against wear, deposits and oil breakdown PLUS better low temperature flow and increased fuel economy performance, without compromising durability, compared to conventional SAE 15W oils.

Shell Rotella T6 5W engine oil provides: - Better Fuel Economy This full synthetic heavy-duty engine oil offers enhanced fuel economy capability of 1.

ACEA E9. Allison TES Cummins CES MAN M MB-Approval Volvo VDS Product Depth in. Don't have Amazon Prime?Blackstone Labs analyzes the contents of used motor oil to check how well engines wear over time. Earlier this month, the lab used its vast database of used oil analyses to study whether certain oil brands tend to contain more metal wear particles; the results might make you think twice before throwing down cash on performance racing oil. Blackstone receives oil samples from thousands of people around the country interested in learning how well their engines are wearing over time—in part, to predict and avoid catastrophic damage.

For example, I sent in an oil sample in, and learned that engine coolant was getting into my engine. If unaddressed, this could have ruined my bearings. Upon receiving samples, Blackstone sends the oil through a spectrometer to learn how much of that oil—in parts per million—is made up of wear elements like aluminum which may come from pistons or the engine casechromium from piston ringsiron from cylinders, camshafts, or other parts of the valvetraincopper from bushings, bearings, oil coolerslead from bearings and tin also from bearings.

What this means is that Blackstone has thousands of reports showing wear particle concentrations of certain engines using certain oil types for certain oil drain intervals. In its July newsletterthe lab decided to use this data to compare different brands, and the findings suggest that buying expensive oil may not provide much of a benefit to engine longevity. Those 5, reports are associated with oil samples that, on average, were used in the engine for 3, miles before draining.

Travis then broke down those 5, reports by oil type, which owners tell Blackstone when submitting their samples. The second row in the table above shows that 1, samples were Rotella T6 5W, were Mobil 1 5W, were Subaru brand 5w, and so on.

The takeaway, Heffelfinger writes, is that despite the additive contents rows nine through 15 being different in part, because different brands use different additive blends that all accomplish the same goalswear across the board seems quite uniform. He writes:. Iron is between 8 and 11 ppm all across the page, and copper is between 7 and 12 ppm for each set of averages. Other metals had even less variation, and no single oil type had the lowest level of all metals.

What the chart shows it that, even if you normalize the iron wear by mileages on the oil sample, the difference across the board—the lowest wear rate is 2. In other words, for every 1, miles, the Rotella T6 wears just over one half a part per million slower than the Royal Purple.

Heffelfinger crunched similar data from GM 5. You can read the full analysis here. We see much more variation in wear levels from the type of engine, the time on the oil, the viscosity, the use the engine sees, etc. For example, there might be a bigger difference in wear rate among brands if all of the oil samples had much higher mileage on them.Now introducing Shell Rotella Gas Truck full synthetic motor oil, from the makers of Shell Rotella heavy duty engine oil, a leader in diesel engine oil for more than 40 years.

The Starship is an innovative, material step towards reducing emissions and increasing overall efficiency and fuel economy in the transport sector.

This next-generation truck features a custom, aerodynamic design and aims to demonstrate improvements in fuel economy for class 8 trucks while lowering CO 2 emissions. And we did.

We also aimed to clearly organize our portfolio so you knew which oil to choose. We believe your hard work should be rewarded.

1-Gallon Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

The new API heavy duty diesel engine oil category is coming to market in December You are pressed to keep it on the road while at the same time managing your overall costs. Shell Rotella highlights the great work of Wreaths Across America, dedicated to honouring fallen veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Check out the calendar of events. Airflow Starship - High-Mileage Fuel-Efficient Truck The Starship is an innovative, material step towards reducing emissions and increasing overall efficiency and fuel economy in the transport sector.

Previous Next. What is PC? What you need to know about CK-4 and FA What do you drive? Learn how to increase your fuel economy.

nasioc rotella

You may also be interested in.Discussion in ' Modifications And Maintenance ' started by subie seniorJan 5, Log in or Sign up. Likes Received: 16 Trophy Points: Have been debating what kind of engine oil seems to be the most popular for the Subaru engine. I have been using Shell Rotella T6 synthetic 5W Seems to work ok as far as i can tell. Feel like i should be using a 5W30 even though the car sits in a heated garage. Anyone have any experience with Redline or Motul oil? Likes Received: 7, Trophy Points: Most everyone on here is using the Rotella T6!

I've read alot of the "Best Oil Threads", they all seem to say Rotella. Likes Received: 4, Trophy Points: Likes Received: Trophy Points: I've been wondering this too. I have always ran Valvoline dino oil in all my vehicles. But have never had a turbo'd one. Still on the first oil change in my 06 wrx, and at miles it has burned less than a quart so far. Still undecided if I should try the synthetic out. Big fan of Amsoil. TranJan 5, SkeetsWisconnyTerry Ammerman and ofspunk7 like this.

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Finally, An oil mixture that helps with Piston Slap.

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